Laser Height Sensing System for Waterjets


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Flow International offers the DynaBeam laser sensing system, a noncontact material height-sensing solution for waterjets. The height-sensing technology maps the natural state of materials to reduce the need for manual adjustment throughout waterjet cutting. Users can choose between setting the stand-off height between the waterjet nozzle and workpiece before every pierce, or pre-mapping an entire workpiece quickly and easily. Nozzle offset height can be set to an accuracy of ±0.1 mm (0.004"), enabling high-precision waterjet cutting for producing close-tolerance, multi-axis parts. According to the company, the fast, accurate noncontact method results in no scratches to the material. Used in combination with Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet and Dynamic Waterjet XD for 2D and 3D for bevel cutting, the laser sensing system is said to ensure faster, more accurate waterjet cutting.