Micro Tools, Holders Feature Internal Coolant

IMTS 2018: GenSwiss offers a range of coolant-through-capable micro toolholders.


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GenSwiss offers a range of coolant-through micro toolholders, including the Ti-Loc micro end mill holder. Coolant delivery ports surround the micro tool for improved edge cooling and chip evacuation. The units are compatible with coolant-through live tooling or coolant-fed ER nuts, which are suitable for plumbing and high-pressure coolant delivery systems. 

The company also offers the Signature Series tooling line, which features coolant-through tool holding, collet holders and shanks for CNC Swiss Machines.

Also on display is the Multidec Whirl line, which features quick-change insert cartridges, offset cutter rings and larger diameter flight circles for increased major thread diameters. The line also features insert forms for double lead and full form profile machining. A variety of thread whirling attachments are available for various Swiss machines as well.


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