Modular Gear Chamfering Machine Integrates into Production Lines



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Emag’s VLC 100 C gear tooth profile chamfering machine is a one of a series of modular machines that combine various Emag Group technologies on the same basic design. Each modular machine features a pickup spindle that collects raw parts from a workpiece conveyor and returns them to the belt after machining, minimizing chip-to-chip times. Multiple machines can be combined into production lines, since the component transfer height between machines is always the same. The vertical construction of the machines ensures good chip flow conditions, preventing buildup and maintaining work quality.

The VLC 100 C chamfering machine can perform both bevel chamfering and the Chamfer-Cut process developed by Fette. The classic bevel chamfering process is used for workpiece geometries that contain contour traps, such as shaft workpieces that feature a hub or with gears featuring a synchronizer ring. For workpieces with more favorable geometries, the machine can use the Chamfer-Cut method. Because this method does not throw up a secondary burr, it is particularly useful for gearings that are being honed after hardening, the company says. The process is carried out in two steps, with high-accuracy chamfering of the gear contour’s upper surface, followed by a cut in the reverse direction to reach the gear’s underside.