Modular Quick-Change Spindles for Faster Tool Changes


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Solidfix modular quick-change spindles from Benz provide flexibility for faster setups, tool choices and tool changes. The system enables exchanging of only the adapter where perishable tools can be preset and quickly changed. Broken or worn tool replacement is accomplished within 10 to 15 sec., the company says.


The adapter can be tightened or loosened with a 180-degree rotation of the clamping screw using a T-handle Allen wrench, and it can be changed in less than 15 sec., the company says. A bayonet-style connection ensures the adapter’s safety and security. It is held securely after release in the live tool or angle head with a locking ring, and can only be removed by an additional rotational movement of the adapter. In vertical spindle applications, this feature prevents the adapter from falling out of the spindle when changing tools.


The system offers adapters in sizes S1 to S5, available with internal or external ER collet nuts, Weldon, Whistel Notch, mill arbor, shrink-fit adapters, precision-ground test arbors, blanks and closing plugs. Machine adapters such as HSK, 40 and 50 tapers also are available for use in presetters, mounting blocks for benchtop assembly of the adapter and perishable tooling, as are reducing sleeves for static boring toolholder applications.

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