New Version Of EDM For Medical Components, Small Parts

The next generation of Mitsubishi EDM’s MD series wire EDM, the MD+PRO II is designed for 24/7 production work in both medical manufacturing and small-part production. According to the company, the EDM’s stacked-filter design reduces floor space requirements by 20 percent compared with the previous machine. Other enhancements include a new upper- and lower-head design to improve durability and reduce costs associated with setup and maintenance times. In addition, the auto-threading and wire drive systems have been simplified to reduce part costs and extend maintenance cycles. An integrated B axis enables indexing as well as “turn-n-burn” capability. The indexing technology is designed to eliminate operator intervention and preserve accuracy with guaranteed angle precision. According to the company, the continuous rotation of the B axis during turn-n-burn applications provides the ability to machine narrow slots that would be impossible to grind. The machine uses a V350 power supply with anti-electrolysis technology. The Power Master 4 (PM4) control automates processes from roughing to finishing. Its stepped-shape capabilities enable users to machine multiple parts with different shapes and thicknesses without setting specific electrical conditions, the company says. In addition, Step Less (SL) control is said to improve accuracy for finishing step-shape workpieces.

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