Pocketing Cutter Offers Extreme Helical Ramp Entry

IMTs 2018: SwiftCarb’s RampMill is designed for high material removal rates and short cycle times. 


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Demonstrated at the booth machining Ti-6Al-4V and Al 6061-T6, SwiftCarb’s RampMill is also said to be well-suited for high-speed machining of steel, stainless steel and various exotics. The tool is designed to ramp into the middle of pockets at extreme angles (5 to 8 degrees) to reduce retract cutter path (air time) and improve both material removal rate and cycle time. Notable features include a truncated radius, which improves corner strength and wear resistance, and a center coolant/air hole to control chips, reduce the need for recutting and extend tool life. It is designed for use with constant-engagement tool paths.

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