Star SU's Single-Flute Gundrills Suitable for Medical Device Machining


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Star SU gundrills

Star SU’s solid carbide gundrills are designed for work in medical-grade materials such as titanium and stainless steel. The single-flute tools meet part print requirements for medical devices and instruments. The company reports tool life improvement in both titanium (6Al-4V) and 440 stainless steel, driven by selection of carbide grade, surface finish, edge preparation and coating. 

The solid carbide gundrills are made in a two-piece design. The tip and body are a single piece of carbide brazed into the driver/shank, while the flute is ground down the length of the head and body. The rigid gundrills are equipped with high-pressure coolant delivery capabilities. The tools provide coolant delivery holes in diameters ranging from 0.700 mm (0.028"). 


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