Swivel Design Automates Angle-Head Positioning

IMTS 2018: Available from Koma Precision Inc., Alberti’s Index series of angle heads combines a swiveling module with a standard angle head.


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Available from Koma Precision, the Alberti Index series angle head combines a swiveling module with a standard angle head. This enables using the controlled axis of the machine spindle to automatically rotate and position the head. Technology inside the module “anchors” the head with the machine spindle to ensure proper positioning. From there, spindle rotation drives the unit like a standard angle head..

The angle heads are operated by 6 bars of compressed air through the stop pin or by a closed hydraulic circuit controlled by a piston. They can be exchanged by an automatic toolchanger and can mount heads with collet capacity up to 10 mm in diameter. A single head can be used for multiple operations to avoid additional workpiece setups or tool changes and to carry out various machining processes.


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