Three-Edged High Speed Steel Drill Maintains Tool Life

IMTS 2018: Mapal’s Tritan-Drill series of three-edged drills now includes an HSS model for small-series production.  

Mapal’s Tritan-Drill series of three-edged drills now includes an  HSS version for small-series production.

According to the company, the shape of the main cutting edge makes the HSS drill robust even in difficult conditions.Stable cutting edge corners reduce damage to the cutting edge for smooth machining. The coating of the drill suits a range of different materials and increases tool life.

The drill features point geometry designed to eliminate piloting and center-punching. According to the company, it achieves higher feed rates than twin-edged HSS drills. With a pronounced tip reducing the chance of slipping over the chisel edge, it can also be used with hand drilling units. Diameters range from 8 to 40 mm.

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