Vision Systems for Laser Marking

Eastec 2019: Sisma’s coaxial and external vision systems access working areas using only a camera to perform laser marking operations. 


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Sisma is featuring its vision systems, which can be combined with the company’s range of laser marking products. 

The Coaxial Vision System (CVS) is said to be useable for most marking work but is especially useful on plastic molds. The system features accuracy ranging to 0.02 mm. 

The External Vision System (EVS) is optimized for laser marking jobs that require fast image acquisition by accepting coarse positioning errors. It’s said to be less accurate but faster than the CVS. This system features an image acquisition speed of as little as 0.5 sec.

Sisma also offers V-Ring and Pattern Matching software. V-Ring works by visually reconstructing the shapes of a circular object, enabling easier centering and processing with the CVS. The Pattern Matching software is said to automatically recognize one or more shapes simultaneously and enables alignment and execution of the laser marking process with either the CVS or EVS.