Emag Group Forms New Company

Bernhard Böttigheimer is managing director of the newly formed Emag Systems.


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Bernhard Böttigheimer

Bernhard Böttigheimer is managing director of the new Emag Systems.

Emag Group has launched Emag Systems, combining its project engineering expertise. The new company aims at working with customers in collaboration with other Emag Group branches to develop turnkey solutions for complex manufacturing problems. 

As an example of the sort of service Emag Systems can provide, the company cites e-mobility. In such a context, the requirement for increased quantities is currently shifting the focus to the establishment of comprehensive production systems, Emag says. Ultimately, this is the only way to be able to produce complex components such as rotor shafts or differentials in a process-consistent and cost efficient manner. In such interlinked manufacturing systems, for example, soft machining, hardening and hard machining take place in direct succession, and numerous technologies are used ranging from turning, drilling and milling to induction hardening and grinding.

“When designing a complex system like this, there are naturally many questions during the planning phase,” explains Bernhard Böttigheimer, managing director of the new Emag Systems. “For example, users must understand the precise benefits and performance limits of the various tool processes, opportunities for the component assessed, and a reliable process developed on this basis. To compile all of this information, the user must have access to a large amount of internal technological expertise.” Emag Systems aims to be the provider of such expertise.

“The demand for complete production systems is growing because the range of products and parts is also increasing at many supplier companies and OEMs,” continues Mr. Böttigheimer. “This is putting more demand on production systems to be more flexible, and project engineering needs are being outsourced by many companies.”

For these customers, Emag Systems provides a central point of contact with experience in comprehensive turnkey production. These specialists, based in Salach, Germany, will examine each inquiry in detail and then determine which technologies are needed for the project. With this information they will form a project team, consisting of engineers from different Emag companies, and work to form a customized solution for the project.

A second factor in the formation of Emag Systems is Industry 4.0. After all, smart factories that increase the productivity of a location, or improve process reliability are impossible without comprehensive, interlinked systems. 

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