Sunnen Products Co. Launches Rebranding, e-Commerce Site

The rebranding reflects Sunnen’s acquisition of BTA Heller, expansion of worldwide manufacturing operations and entry into the deep-hole drilling machine market.


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Sunnen rebranding

Sunnen Products Co. has launched a new global website as the keystone of a brand refresh that caps an period of change and activity for the company. That change includes the acquisition of BTA Heller, expansion of worldwide manufacturing operations and entry into the deep-hole drilling machine market. The new website incorporates Sunnen’s BTA Heller deep-hole drilling tools as well as a new e-commerce platform in the early stage of development.

The brand refresh includes an updated Sunnen logo and a statement of the company’s business philosophy: “Partnership, Precision, Performance.”

“With nearly 100 years in business, there’s a lot of tradition at Sunnen,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and COO. “But our innovation continues. The new logo is a nod to the past while pointing to the future of Sunnen, and the website represents the complete Sunnen as we look today. We’re a global company, and our business relationships, customer base and now our website reflect that.”  

With as much as 70% of a customer’s buying journey completed online, Sunnen’s goal was to simplify the buying process, making it easier for potential customers to find the product as well as the technical and performance information needed to make their purchase decision, whether it be offline through a sales representative or online ordering. The website thus includes an e-commerce platform for North American customers which is in beta testing now, with wider rollout expected later in 2020. The company plans to make most catalog items available to customers who have registered and been validated. 

“Our team has designed an eCommerce portal that is both convenient and safe for our customers,” adds Mr. Miltenberger. “Customers can request to be added, and they are verified and approved for entry. Once verified, they will enjoy the convenience of placing new orders or reordering tooling, abrasives and other consumables directly from the site.”

Sunnen’s core technical competencies include automated and manual honing and lapping systems, custom system development and integration, abrasives, tooling, lubricants, and gaging. The BTA Heller acquisition expanded Sunnen’s industry leading honing expertise to include tooling for initial hole creation and other complementary bore sizing and finishing processes.


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