CAD/CAM Mold Tool Module Provides Flexibility

The latest release of Visi, from Vero Software, provides a range of new and enhanced CAD/CAM features for the mold and die market.


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The latest release of Visi, from Vero Software, provides a range of new and enhanced CAD/CAM features for the mold and die market.

A new mold tool module, based on the company’s Assembly-Ng technology, provides flexibility when constructing supplier and nonstandard tool configurations. Customizable templates, including the management of blank and pre-drilled plates, enable tool layout creation and editing at any design stage. The reverse engineering suite enables users to load a point cloud from an external file and create an optimized mesh with refining and smoothing options. Users can also create project design and manufacturing technical reports within the system’s snapshot manager using data captured throughout the project.

Improvements in progress strip development and blank prediction include the ability to manage constraints of specific faces of a blanked component. Designers who want to blank specific areas of a model for step-by-step stage unfolding can define the face constraint in X, Y or both directions. In addition, the development time of a 3D strip design is reduced by enhanced strip layout management with double component geometry.  

CAM developments include faster geometry preparation and a 2.5-axis chamfering strategy, which provides intelligent approach and retract points, advanced obstacle management and improved speed.

The CAM navigator’s user interface shows build process status on the operation itself, enabling users to switch off the process manager if required. Updated tool sheet reports enable users to benefit from the snapshot manager. Data can also be exported to CSV files for external use, such as for those who require hole information generated from the feature recognition.

A Visi-to-PC-DMIS interface enables PC-DMIS to read the native Visi CAD file directly with previously defined annotation and points. They are loaded automatically into PC-DMIS and can be used for quality control.

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