Julia Hider Associate Editor

Julia Hider graduated from Ohio State University in 2014 with a B.A. in journalism, after which she became an author, freelance writer and content specialist. She joined Gardner Business Media as an assistant editor with Modern Machine Shop in 2017. In 2018, she joined Production Machining as an associate editor, where she wrote about the precision machining and was involved in the PMPA’s NextGen committee. She returned to Modern Machine Shop in 2020, where she is now an associate editor covering the metalworking industry.


Cutting Tool Technology Aids Lights-Out Machining Applications

By: Julia Hider

These features can help improve cutting tool stability, standardize cutting performance and extend tool life, enabling shops to confidently run unattended shifts.  


Trained in a Day, Automated Inspector Performs Faster than Humans

By: Julia Hider

Using recent technological innovations in robotics, optics, edge computing and artificial intelligence, MusashiAI has developed an automated visual inspection system that could free a significant portion of the automotive workforce to perform easier, more interesting tasks. 


Machining a Complex Part in a One-Man Shop

By: Julia Hider

Feature recognition and efficient workholding let this shop cost-effectively produce an intricate part that was bigger than the machine tool's travels.

Cutting Tools

Eliminating Human Error with a Closed-Loop Boring Bar System

By: Julia Hider

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge boring bars and Zenith system automatically adjust based on in-process measurement data, reducing scrap and aiding in lights out machining.

Five-Axis Machining Centers

Growing a Job Shop into a Full-Service Manufacturer

By: Julia Hider

By maximizing employee satisfaction, adding fabrication and other services, and always keeping open machine capacity, Square Deal has grown from a seven-person job shop to a full-service manufacturer that employs hundreds.

Turning Machines

Index MS32-6's Flexible Tool-Slides Reduce Changeover Times

By: Julia Hider

IMTS Spark: Index’s next generation MS32-6 six-spindle automatic lathe brings the benefits of multi-spindle technology to a broader range of applications thanks to a flexible tool-slide platform that reduces changeover times.


New Applications for Electrochemical Grinding

By: Julia Hider

With advances in control, sensor and automation technology, electrochemical grinding is more accurate and productive than ever, opening up new applications for the traditionally niche process.


Simplifying Job Shop Automation with Hand-Guided Robots

By: Julia Hider

Easy to implement and flexible enough to handle a range of applications, hand-guided robots can help job shops automate high-mix, low-volume production.   


Deciding to Specialize as an Aerospace Supplier

By: Julia Hider

Formerly a job shop serving a diverse local customer base, IPG responded to industry changes by transitioning into becoming an aerospace supplier. Here are the steps the shop is taking to make that change, including adding equipment and implementing plans for quality and marketing.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Mapping the Optimal Path for Machinists

By: Julia Hider

Using data from machine monitoring systems and CNC programs, OPS calculates the most efficient path for operators to take across the shop floor, improving uptime and increasing machines per operator.

Horizontal Machining Centers

Multi-Pallet Machines Help Shop Produce Ventilator Components

By: Julia Hider

NRL & Associates’ business plan relies on using multi-pallet machines for unattended machining, so when two of its customers increased production of ventilators, the shop quickly brought in a new multi-pallet machine and automation system to meet the demand.


Becoming a Second Source for Ventilator Parts

By: Julia Hider

Demand for ventilator parts stretched this shop’s supply chain. Here is what it took to rapidly insource production.