Configurable Software Maps Tool Circulation

TDM Systems has introduced a Shopfloor Manager module that records the entirety of a tool’s circulation, from planning for tool assembly and presetting to tool use at the machine and disassembly.


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TDM Systems has introduced a Shopfloor Manager module designed to record the entirety of a tool’s circulation, from tool assembly planning and presetting to tool use at the machine and disassembly. The software is designed to be modular for easy configuration.

The company works with customers to analyze data on the shopfloor level and map out a tool’s flow. The software can show necessary actions for assembly and presetting in a tool room, or assign a presetting to a machine in the configuration. 

The module also includes a to-do list for operators, which is broken down into tasks that can be ticked off. Additional tasks can be added to the list at the proper stages in the process.

The software module can be fully integrated into the inventory management system of the company’s tool crib module, which enables management of tool assemblies in secondary cribs near the machines.

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