Digital Levels Gather Angle Measurement, Vibration Data for Remote Analysis


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The DWL3000XY and DWL3500XY from Digi-Pas are two-axis, high-precision digital machinist levels with built-in vibrometers. These digital levels are equipped with MEMS sensor technology, enabling high accuracy and simultaneous display of angular and vibration measurements. They enable remote, real-time data acquisition, logging and analysis when synced with a PC, making them effective when used for the installation, setup and maintenance of machine tools as well as testing and measuring equipment.

The levels feature a real-time color graphic display for single/dual-axis digital and analog angle measurements. Similarly, they provide a color display for vibration measurement. An alternate zero setting enables the user to measure relative angles at a common plane with respect to a reference angle set to zero. Additionally, an absolute level setting gathers absolute symmetry readings for both the front and reverse (180-degree) positions of any measurement angle. The wireless sync works with PCs, tablets or smartphones for remote measurement, data acquisition, logging and analysis.

The device software is designed to be user-friendly, using a USB cord for plug-and-play operation on a PC. Alternatively, the software is available as an app for Android smartphones or tablets.