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Mapal's EasyAdjust System Simplifies External Reaming Setup


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Mapal EasyAdjust system

Mapal’s EasyAdjust (EA) tool system is designed for external reaming for machining of small outer diameters. The back taper of the insert is already integrated in the cassette that serves as insert holder, meaning there is no need to set the back taper of the minor cutting edge. All that needs to be set is the overhang of the insert with regard to the guide pads.

In the case of external reamers with small machining diameters, setting can still be quite a challenge. A measuring sensor has to be inserted into the external reamer, zeroed to the guide pads and located at the cutting edge to set the corresponding overhang. This procedure is aggravated by a very limited view of the inside of the tool. To simplify this process, the cassette of the EA System is integrated in an additional cassette. This cassette can be removed, and the insert can be set quickly and easily using a micrometer or a surface plate, the company says. The appropriate setting dimension for the insert is engraved on the reverse of the tool. This dimension corresponds to the midpoint of the tolerance for the fit to be created.

Once setting is complete, the cassette is mounted again. The changeover accuracy is 2 to 3 microns. Thanks to this accuracy and the simplicity of setting the insert, the new system makes it easier to comply reliably with the required tolerances and extremely precise fits, even in the case of small diameters, Mapal says.