Plasma Beveller’s Direct-Drive Motors Reduce Complexity

Esab introduces the DMX automated plasma beveller designed for reliability, safety and ease of use.


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Esab introduces the DMX automated plasma beveller designed for reliability, safety and ease of use. It cuts the full range of weld preparations, including V, Y, X and K bevels, with cut angles ranging to 45 degrees on materials ranging to 50 mm.

The beveller’s five-axis motion uses direct-drive motors to reduce complexity, eliminate the need for breakaway crash protection and deliver responsive, accurate positioning. The direct-drive design eliminates gearboxes, belts, pulleys, limit switches and exposed cables. The resulting “compliant motion” enables the beveller to absorb and detect a torch crash without any added components, as well as automatically reset after a collision without the operator touching the torch or climbing on the cutting table. Faster resets increase productivity and eliminate dangerous operator tasks.

The smaller and lighter plasma bevel head can be mounted on smaller gantries. It is available on the company’s Combirex DX and larger gantries.

The beveller uses compound motion to provide beveling in any direction. It has no rotation limit, eliminating the need to unwind the torch leads or pre-position the head for improved cycle time and productivity. It also extends torch life by not twisting the torch leads, but does so without a torch bearing.

A multi-point collision protection system uses multiple sensors to protect parts of the bevel head that come close to the cutting table. The head features a complete set of covers protecting all components, plus a fully enclosed cable chain to protect all hoses and cables. A robotic torch lead sheath protects the torch leads.


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