Sunnen's DirectDex Deep-Hole Drilling System for Heat-Resistant Superalloys


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Sunnen DirectDex

Sunnen Products Co.’s DirectDex series of drill heads, inserts and pads are said to be directly interchangeable with Sandvik deep-hole drilling tools. The line includes BTA/STS (single-tube system) and DTS/ejector (double-tube system) style deep-hole drilling tools designed to lower the cost per bore with consistent performance. 

CVD- and PVD-coated inserts are available in two grades that provide wear resistance and toughness. The CVD-coated inserts are optimal for machining heat-resistant superalloys and also work well with ISO P, K, H and N materials, the company says. The PVD-coated inserts are specifically designed for ISO P, K, H, and N materials, and also provide resistance against built-up edges.

“We are excited to be able to fill the recently created void in the market for Sandvik-style tooling,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and COO. “This is congruent with our strategy to be the one source solution for systems and tooling related to bore machining, whether the process used is deep-hole drilling, skiving/roller burnishing, lapping or honing.”


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