April 2021 | Digital Edition

Video: Shifting into Shop Ownership

Mike Budde, owner of Budde Precision Machining, shares his experience with buying a machine shop and what he’s learned in his two years of shop ownership.



For AM and Machining to Work Together, Let Them Compete

A medical device maker establishes a center of excellence for product and process development in which additive manufacturing and CNC machining both challenge and complement one another.


Prototyping is the Path from Tooling to Production Work

As a new owner takes over a tooling shop, he must balance the company’s foundation with his goal of expanding the shop’s capacity to also take on production work.

When Handing Down the Family Machine Shop is as Complex as a Swiss-Turned Part

The transition into Swiss-type machining at Deking Screw Products required more than just a shift in production operations. It required a new mindset and a new way running the family-owned business. Hardest of all, it required that one generation let go, and allow a new one to step in.