Access the 2011 Top Shops Executive Summary

Review Modern Machine Shop’s 2011 Top Shops Executive Summary to find out how your shop compares to the top 20 percent of U.S. machining businesses.


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Last year, nearly 200 machining facilities took part in Modern Machine Shop’s “Top Shops” benchmarking survey. Top Shops aims to identify optimal shopfloor practices as well as operational and business metrics that define world-class competitiveness in discrete parts manufacturing. Our goal is to help companies like yours, whether yours is a small job shop or a large, captive operation, become better overall businesses.

An Executive Summary was prepared comparing responses between the Top Shops benchmarking group and the rest of survey participants. This benchmarking group represents the top 20 percent of machining businesses, determined by totaling the points assigned to select business- and technology-related questions.

Click here to access the 2011 Top Shops Executive Summary.