Access the 2016 Top Shops Executive Summary

Read analysis and consider the data gathered in our magazine’s sixth annual Top Shops benchmarking program.

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Results from our sixth annual Top Shops benchmarking survey is available in this 2016 Executive Summary, which enables you to see where you rate against leading U.S. machine shops.

For example, in this year’s survey, our Top Shops benchmarking group (the group that represents the top 20 percent of shops as determined by totaling the points assigned to certain business- and technology-related questions) reports median spindle uptime of 72 percent compared to 60 percent for other surveyed shops. 2015 profit margin for Top Shops and other shops were 15 and 8 percent, respectively. Plus, quote-to-book ratio for Top Shops was 61 percent compared to 50 percent for other surveyed shops.

These and other such shopfloor and financial metrics are included in Executive Summary.


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