Additive Manufacturing November Issue Highlights AM2016

Read the digital edition for insights from the 2016 Additive Manufacturing Conference and more.


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The November issue includes insights from the 2016 Additive Manufacturing Conference (AM2016). Click here to read the digital edition. 

The 2016 Additive Manufacturing Conference (AM2016), which took place at this year's International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), featured 20 speakers on topics ranging from surface finishing options for additive manufactured tooling to the right reasons for an organization to pursue 3D printing. It would be impossible to summarize all that the conference's 500 attendees witnessed, but the editors of Additive Manufacturing have done our best to highlight the most salient points in the November issue. Go directly to the conference coverage, or access the full issue here.

Also in this issue:

  • A diesel engine support was redesigned to be additively manufactured for weight savings and other benefits;
  • Selective laser melting created a complex nozzle in one piece, bypassing previously needed brazing and assembly operations; and
  • An equipment builder offers insights for integrating additive manufacturing on a machine tool without inhibiting machining.

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