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End-to-End Medical Manufacturing, Starting with Additive

The March 2018 issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine highlights a medical manufacturing process that begins with electron beam melting (EBM) additive manufacturing. 


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In just a few years, Slice Mfg. Studios has become the type of company that didn't exist when it was founded in 2015: a contract manufacturer with the ability to 3D print, finish machine, clean and sterile package medical implants (among other types of complex metal parts).

The cover story for the March issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine looks at how Slice manufactures acetabular hip cups from titanium powder, a tightly controlled process that includes 3D printing with electron beam melting (EBM), robotic finish blasting, automated finish machining, laser marking and inspection.  

Also in this issue: 

  • A case study from Phoenix Proto Technologies compares the mold-building process for a conventional aluminum prototype mold cavity and a 3D-printed set, finding savings in cost and turnaround time. 
  • Liberty Electronics supports its workforce by providing 3D-printed custom tooling for employees who suffer from mobility issues.
  • Linear AMS relaunches after a hiatus from manufacturing metal 3D-printed molds, just as molders have finished proving that this solution works. 
  • A preview section highlights the additive manufacturing machines, equipment, materials and services to be displayed at Rapid 2018. 

Read the March 2018 digital edition.


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