Flying South: Big Changes and New Innovations for Emag

In addition to an innovative new turning technology, Emag has rolled out numerous changes to its IMTS booth this year—including a move from the north to the south hall.


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Since Emag’s 2015 introduction of its Modular Standard machine lineup—including the VL and VT products—IMTS has become vitally important to the vertical turning machine manufacturer as a means to find customers. With this in mind, Emag has made the substantial move from the North Building to the South Building. While the company says that being associated with gear manufacturing—a core component of the company–has been a good strategy at previous IMTS events, it believes the South Building holds the greatest potential for visibility.

Emag has also increased its booth space and display showcase from four turning machines to seven, including grinding, induction hardening, electrochemical machining and hobbing.

One highlight is Emag’s latest innovation, RollFeed turning, in which a specially shaped indexable insert rolls across the workpiece surface during three-axis motion. While the point of contact moves progressively along the blade, the motion produced by horizontal swiveling of the uniquely shaped tool creates instant compensation of the resulting center offset over the X and Z axes. The company says that the single-motion RollFeed process is up to 80 percent faster than conventional turning methods and can complete machining of three sides of a part without a tool change.

To accommodate the anticipated traffic at IMTS this year, Emag’s booth features a reception desk with more personnel to answer questions and assist visitors. It also features fully-integrated iPads to showcase Emag’s web apps, presentations and Industry 4.0 services—all of which are linked to smart TVs located throughout the booth. Formal meeting rooms have been added to accommodate strategic meetings, and a full kitchen service is available for food and drinks.