For Milltronics, Technology Is the Key to Time Savings

The machine tool builder is introducing three new software technologies to enable machine shops to shave time during programming, setups and turning operations.


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Leading machine shops are always on the lookout for ways to minimize the time it takes to produce good parts. To that end, Milltronics USA Inc., whose booth theme, “Momentum,”is intended to reflect the significant number of new machines, controls and software products it has introduced in recent years, is presenting three new software technologies at the show. They are designed to save time in terms of part programming, new job setups and turning operations.

The first is ChipBoss, which enables conversational program users to take advantage of the latest trochoidal machining strategies previously found only in CAM systems or high-end controls. ChipBoss uses proprietary algorithms to calculate tool paths and control maximum allowable cutter engagement. The idea is to use the entire length of a tool rather than just the tip, cutting profiles at full depth rather than taking multiple-depth passes. This optional software works by automatically controlling the tool’s chip load, keeping it constant. The result, Milltronics says, is faster cycle times, better tool life and more accurate parts. According to the company, cycle times (depending on the part geometry) can be reduced by as much as 50 percent with as much as three to five times improved tool life. Part accuracy can be increased through reduction in tool deflection.

The second is the Digital Setup Assistant (DSA), which uses wi-fi to make a cell phone or tablet an extension of the user’s control. This optional software feature enables an operator to reduce setup time by easily accessing photos of parts and workholding, setup data, tooling info and more.

The third is the Bi-Directional turning cycle that lets conversational program users effectively halve the time it takes to turn parts. It does this by eliminating the need to cut in one direction, rapid back to the start position and then take another pass. The Bi-Directional cycle allows for “zig-zag,” bi-directional turning, resulting in significantly shorter cycle times.

“Milltronics Momentum is all about the many ways we innovate to help our customers be more productive and profitable,” says Louie Pavlakos, General Manager. “And these new software options are just the latest. We have more new machines and software on the way.”

Of course, you’ll also see the company’s hardware performing live demonstrations in its booth, including its various vertical machining centers, turning centers, and toolroom mills and lathes.