Grow Your Business: August 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop covers topics such as Top Shops 2017, design for manufacturability and a review of Amerimold.


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August 1027 Modern Machine Shop cover

Click on the photo above to read the August 2017 digital edition.

There are a couple of primary reasons why hundreds of companies participate in our Top Shops benchmarking survey each year: The survey highlights the technologies, processes and strategies that leading companies are applying, and participation in the survey enables shops to see how their key performance metrics compare to industry leaders. Plus, we are hosting our inaugural Top Shops Conference September 5-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana, where we’ll present this year’s findings as well as host discussions about a range of machining- and business-related topics. Learn more.

Also in this issue of Modern Machine Shop:

  • Shops that offer DFM advice can reduce customers’ machining cost and complexity. Learn how one shop leverages FEA as part of its sophisticated DFM efforts, which also helps to establish long-term relationships with its customers’ engineers.
  • The Amerimold event reflected the vibrancy of U.S. mold manufacturing, an industry that keeps pushing metalworking technology ahead.

Our digital edition lets you flip through or download the entire magazine for viewing on your devices. Besides the articles mentioned above, you’ll find case studies, industry news, upcoming events and more.