HMCs Designed For Flexibility

Heller’s full-color brochure features the MCH line of HMCs. a one-piece, cast iron construction and include Siemens 840D CNCs, swiveling pallet changers, rotary indexing tables and more.  


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Featuring color photos, detailed diagrams and technical specifications, this brochure outlines Heller’s MCH line of HMCs. With a one-piece, cast iron construction, these gantry-type machining centers include Siemens 840D CNCs, swiveling pallet changers, rotary indexing tables, digital feed drives and guideways equipped with low-friction, preloaded roller bearings. The HMC line also offers a number of options for increased flexibility, including chain or rack magazine ATCs, measuring probes, various cooling pumps, automatic robot loading and more.


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