Improving the Parting Process: Faster Cuts, Smoother Finish

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The MultiFGrip from Iscar has a robust design that enables it to make deep parting cuts in 4.72-inch barstock quickly while minimizing vibrations and material waste, providing time and material savings in high-production environments.


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Iscar TangFGrip

The MultiFGrip is a robust parting solution that enables users to make deep cuts in high-production environments. In addition to quickly cutting barstock as thick as 4.72 inches, it also improves the finish.

In high-production machining, small savings can quickly add up to improve your profit margins, as every process improvement will pay back hundreds of times every day. The scaling rewards for process improvements make cutting a few seconds out of a machining operation a major boon to a shop that relies on larger batch sizes. This was the logic that drove Iscar to develop its MultiFGrip line of parting solutions, which enables users to make deep parting cuts quickly while wasting less material and achieving higher-quality finishes.


The MultiFGrip is a parting tool solution that enables the user to part barstock as thick as 4.72 inches quickly and with a high-quality finish. It works with both Iscar’s DoGrip and TangGrip solutions.


Rigid Structure Improves Parting Process

Iscar MultiFGrip Parting Tool

The MultiFGrip is designed with robust supportive structures that provide potent counter-forces that resist the directional forces caused by the cut. This drastically reduces vibrations and improves rigidity, enabling the system to make deeper cuts faster and with improved finishes.

Designed for the DoGrip and TangGrip families of inserts, the MultiFGrip is a toolholding solution that acts to severely cut down the vibration generated by parting cuts in barstock. The inserts attach to a large, thin, square adapter that improves the cutter’s ability to part barstock with larger diameters while minimizing vibration and material loss. The adapter gives it an odd look, but drastically improves its performance. The design includes a robust tool block with multiple contact points to maximize contact with the toolholder, improving stability and rigidity. The block is designed to provide counter-forces during cuts, with a strong supportive spinal structure and lip designed to prevent the force of the cut from causing any unwanted vibrations, eliminating chatter.

The block is designed to hold a large, thin, square adapter that holds four DoGrip or TangGrip cutting tool inserts. Roughly half of the surface of the adapter maintains contact with the block, and it attaches at three points, providing a secure hold that resists vibrations. This rigidity enables the system to make deep cuts quickly, paying its cost many times over in high-production applications.


The MultiFGrip is designed to have multiple contact points on every attaching surface, improving the grip and rigidity for the tool.


Time, Material Savings Lead to Cost Savings

The robust structure of the MultiFGrip is designed to save on time and material costs when making deep parting cuts. According to Iscar, it can cut through barstock as thick as 4.72 inches, and the rigidity enables it to make parting cuts very quickly. In one example, it could even part 4-inch diameter barstock of 4140 steel in as little 7.5 seconds. According to the company, it can reach 3-4 times the feed rate of similar tools, which helps to reduce the time spent in the cut and improves the life of the inserts, which have an expected lifespan of 100 parts, double the life of comparable parting tools.

Iscar MultiFGrip High-Production Parting

The MultiFGrip’s adapter enables it to make deep, thin cuts in many metal parts. The rigidity of the system enables it to make these cuts quickly, and its thin profile enables the user to waste less material. These two factors provide savings in both time and material.

The cutting tool also benefits from its thin profile – only 2-5 mm – which enables it to remove as little material as possible during each parting pass. Achieving these thin cuts is only possible thanks to the robust design of the system, which provides the rigidity necessary to keep the tool steady during deep or aggressive cuts.

By cutting as little material away as possible, the MultiFGrip provides some impressive savings in high-production applications, especially when working with expensive materials. Over 10,000 parts, this saves 33 feet of material compared to similar products. Looking at a concrete example, in a high-production facility making 2-inch parts out of 17-4 stainless steel, after one million parts the company can produce another $130,000 in parts on the same volume of barstock. If the company is cutting Inconel, that’s $660,000 in savings.


Process Improvements for Parting Passes

Aside from the direct savings in time and material the MultiFGrip provides process improvements that can save time for shopfloor personnel. Changing out inserts, for example, is much simpler with the adapter, as it can be rotated or replaced without needing to reestablish the position of the cutting tool. This is because the adapter’s design enables the user to install a replacement quickly and without the need to remeasure.

Additionally, the rigidity of the system enables the user to eliminate chatter from parting cuts. This means that not only is it parting quickly and with minimal material loss, but it is doing so while maintaining excellent standards of quality.

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