Keeping Tabs on Robot Machining

A new website from Delcam focuses on developments in machining with industrial robots.


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Delcam’s new robotics website highlights applications, developments and case studies on machining with industrial robots, in addition to information on the company’s own
PowerMill Robot Interface software. 

We’ve featured several blog posts recently about the future possibilities presented by robotic machining, like this animated vision that won Fastems’ Challenge Competition earlier this year. Now, manufacturing software supplier Delcam has launched delcam-robotics.com, a website centered on the use of robots for machining. In addition to details on the company’s PowerMill Robot Interface software, the site highlights robot applications, case studies and current R&D projects.

One R&D initiative, the Comet project, could be of particular value for the future of robotic machining. The 30-month project, funded by the European Commission and coordinated in part by Delcam, aims to resolve the current limitations of machining with industrial robots, such as a lack of absolute positioning accuracy. Visit the site to learn more.