Large Machines Feature Hydrostatic Ways

The smallest VMCs in Waldrich-Coburg's portfolio is said to be particularly useful for mold and die applications. 


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Waldrich Coburg specializes in big machines—so big, in fact, that it didn’t bring a single machine tool to show off at booth 339174. Nonetheless, much of the company’s focus at the show is on the smallest line it’s ever built (which is still sizable).

What’s notable about the Taurus line of vertical machines isn’t just its size, although that’s certainly a selling point. With a table measuring 98” (2,500 mm) wide by 196.8” (5,000 mm) long on the largest model, the Taurus 30, the line is said to be particularly useful for machining molds that fit the largest injection presses. More significantly, however, the machine axes move across this large work envelope not on linear guideways, but on a film of oil, without any metal-to-metal contact. They also feature a ram incorporating a motorized spindle unit for 20,000 rpm and a geared spindle with high torque for heavy cutting (S6/S1 rating in the Taurus 30 is 85/63 hp (63/45 kw)). 

The company’s other offerings include grinders, horizontal mills, vertical bridge mills and vertical turning centers.