Made in the USA: A New Podcast from Modern Machine Shop

The podcast series explores the current state of American manufacturing.


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Made in the USA podcast logo

Today, Modern Machine Shop announced the new podcast series, “Made in the USA.” The show is a six-part documentary-style series that strives to answer questions about the past, present and future of American manufacturing through exclusive interviews with world-class economists and manufacturing leaders. “Made in the USA” launches March 16 and will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

“Made in the USA” uncovers the hidden history of how manufacturing in the United States arrived at its current state and lays out where it can go from here. The first episode digs into the collapse of manufacturing jobs after the turn of the millennium and features economists, shop owners and leaders in the industry. Listen to a preview here

Peter Zelinski and Brent Donaldson in the podcast studio

Podcast hosts, Peter Zelinksi (left) and Brent Donaldson (right) in the studio recording Made in the USA. 

Other episodes will explore topics such as the effect of automation on American manufacturing jobs, supply chain strengths and challenges, and how the face of manufacturing is changing as baby boomers retire. The show is hosted by Modern Machine Shop Senior Editor and veteran podcast producer, Brent Donaldson, and Editor-in-Chief, Peter Zelinski.

“The health of the U.S. manufacturing sector impacts all of us in critically important but often hidden ways,” says Donaldson. “That’s really the jumping-off point of the series. Because once you understand that and then begin to look at everything that’s happened to American manufacturing over the last 20 years, you quickly discover that the story of manufacturing is also the story of the nation.”

“This isn’t Modern Machine Shop extending its established voice and content to a different medium,” explains Zelinski, who has written for the publication for nearly a quarter-century. “This is something much different: our recognition that, as we come through the disruptions of the past year, we are in some sense facing a new moment in U.S. manufacturing, a new beginning. The medium of a thoughtful podcast with many voices will let us explore where we are and where we’ve been. The country made a set of choices regarding manufacturing in decades past. We can understand those choices, take note of what they led to, and maybe choose differently going forward.”

“Made in the USA” brings together Modern Machine Shop’s nearly century-long expertise in manufacturing with a unique audio storytelling experience to present a show unlike any other.

Listeners can find “Made in the USA” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms. Or learn more about the series on the Made in the USA website.