Model Machine Shop Video: MK Precision

This medical contract shop’s video describes its culture of training, as well as its president’s personal connection to the parts the company machines.


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Click on the photo above to watch the video on YouTube.

Here are three separate reasons why this video created by medical contract manufacturer MK Precision is worth watching:

  1. At around 2:50, company president Mike Klesh starts to describe how he himself is a recipient of implant components like those his shop machines. Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 20, he underwent dramatic spinal correction.
  2. The video also describes the shop’s philosophy of breaking down knowledge silos by aiming to train every shopfloor employee to perform every shopfloor role. Is your shop able to do this? In many shops, employees seek to protect their own value by guarding specialized areas of expertise. Ultimately, that behavior is a constraint on the growth of the business.
  3. If you are thinking of producing a video to promote your own shop’s distinctive value and capabilities, consider using this video as your benchmark. The Internet makes it possible for prospects to research you long before you know you’re being checked out (if you ever do know it at all). I think you will agree that MK Precision’s online video does an excellent job of representing the company to those unknown prospects.