Modern Machine Shop, Cover to Cover

As you view 90 years worth of Modern Machine Shop covers at the Top Shops booth (#236600), share pictures of your favorites on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CNCtheFuture to get MMS swag. 


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At IMTS 2018, the Modern Machine Shop Top Shops attraction will include a display featuring more than 1,000 Modern Machine Shop covers. Beginning with the debut issue in June 1928, the display spans nine decades of manufacturing history concluding with Modern Machine Shop’s September 2018 IMTS issue. These covers tell stories—stories about new applications being developed and new technologies being applied, stories about new innovations and new industries emerging. Most importantly, they tell stories about people—manufacturing dreamers and doers—leaders like you that understand the need to improve and help create the stories we tell. Be sure to visit booth #236600 at the entrance to McCormick Place’s North Building to experience manufacturing history through 90 years of Modern Machine Shop covers.

Modern Machine Shop Scavenger Hunt

As you view 90 years worth of Modern Machine Shop covers, keep an eye open for the following and shoot and share your favorites on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CNCtheFuture:

  • Find the Modern Machine Shop issue from the month and year you were born
  • What’s the one month Modern Machine Shop didn’t print?
  • Find the Modern Machine Shop IMTS show issue from the first IMTS you attended
  • Locate the issue where Modern Machine Shop first covered NC
  • How early did 3D Printing make an appearance on the cover of Modern Machine Shop?
  • Made in America! How many Modern Machine Shop covers include an American flag?
  • What was on Modern Machine Shop’s cover the month and year you started in the manufacturing industry?
  • How many different Modern Machine Shop logos have appeared over the years?
  • What issue was the first to feature a woman on the cover?
  • Next gen! When was the first time Modern Machine Shop featured kids on the cover?
  • Share your favorite cover
  • When did CAD/CAM debut on a Modern Machine Shop cover?
After IMTS 2018, we’ll share a gallery of the individual covers, the cover display and the manufacturing professionals that helped us #CNCtheFuture at IMTS. Check back here for more details.