Sandvik Coromant Helps Solve Your Steel Turning Challenges With New Steel Turning Grades

Equipped with a new tougher substrate at their heart, that is reinforced by second-generation Inveio® coating technology, the new steel turning grades GC4415 and GC4425 from Sandvik Coromant offer reliable performance and superior wear resistance. 


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The new post-treatment process is found to boost grades' performance in intermittent cutting operations, avoiding sudden breakages and enabling them to outperform over a broad application range.  

This is the result of years of research and "never give up attitude" in continuing to fix things that aren’t broken because we believe progress isn't always the big leap forward and most of the time it's a nudge here and a slightly changed setting there. Watch how Sandvik Coromant’s experts worked their magic and what drove them.

Photo Credit: Sandvik Coromant

The new-generation steel turning grades GC4425 and GC4415 have been perfected in every aspect, from tool life to wear and heat resistance. In this video, you can see a demo of how well the turning grades test against old grades of Sandvik Coromant and against competitors. This innovation provides four ways to solve your steel turning challenges:

  • Reduce cost: GC4425 and GC4415 deliver up to a 25% increase in tool life and offer reliable and predictable performance every single time.
  • Increase output: Grade GC4415 provides extra-high metal removal rates when machining in stable conditions, making it an excellent choice for secure mass production.
  • Improve process security: They deliver consistent performance with second-generation Inveio® coating technology with improved crystal orientation and new macro geometries with chip breakers.
  • Improve component quality: Equipped with geometries that considerably improve tool life, these grades are suitable for a broad range of applications and are recommended for continuous and interrupted cuts.

Learn more and find your way to gain an edge in steel turning: https://bit.ly/3hfra57 #gainanedge

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