Simplify Setups with 3D-Modeling Software

New software allows setups to be created onscreen, making it easier to determine the optimal designs and the quickest setups.


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Renishaw describes FixtureBuilder as a 3D-modeling software package that enables offline creation and documentation of fixturing setups.

You can have the most powerful machine tool on the market, loaded with an array of advanced cutting tools, but if your workpiece isn’t held firmly in place, it’s all for nothing. New software not only allows for the creation of rock-solid fixturing configuration on your computer monitor, but also makes it easier to seek the quickest and most efficient setups as well.

The software by Renishaw is called FixtureBuilder, which is described as a 3D-modeling software package that allows for the offline creation and documentation of fixturing setups. Primary benefits include clear, well-organized component libraries; intelligent “drag and drop” functionality; quick manipulation of parts; and an easy-to-use constraint mechanism.

In addition to full CAD compatibility and the availability of custom libraries, the “build it” function automates the production of work instructions and a bill of materials for every fixture setup. This helps ensure compliance with quality standards and also assists with product ordering. Introduced at the Control 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany, more information is available here.