Smart Machining Starts with Smart Sawing

A CNC band saw manufacturer worked with a university corporate research center to develop a cloud-based predictive maintenance app to not only monitor blade life, but also to predict blade failure. It also monitors overall band saw machine health in real time.


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For some machine shops, sawing workpiece blanks might be an afterthought. That said, greater efficiency can be built into a machining process by considering ways to become more effective at this preliminary step to machining parts on mills and lathes, which is possible with new smart-manufacturing technology from Cosen Saws International.

CNC band saw manufacturer Cosen worked with Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS), a United States-based research center located at the University of Cincinnati, to develop its SawLogix cloud-based predictive maintenance app that not only monitors saw blade life, but predicts blade failure, too. It also monitors overall band saw machine health in real time. The goal was to eliminate the need to track machine hours and accumulate cut data to get a rough idea as to when a blade might need to be replaced. Accelerometers mounted on the machine detect vibration that might indicate when a blade is starting to fail, while other sensors are used to adapt to abnormal conditions from motors or bearings or provide alerts related to consumable items such as hydraulic oil and cutting fluid. This information, as well as information such as machine status, number of cuts performed, time remaining to complete a job, blade life remaining, etc., is accessible on smartphones and tablets through the SawLogix app.

SawLogix can be retrofitted to existing Cosen saws as well as other brands of CNC saws. In addition, Cosen has started another business, MechaLogix, to explore similar cloud-based predictive monitoring apps for other types of CNC machines.