Another Tool for Spotting Trends

The Top Shops benchmarking program enables you to compare your shop’s metrics with like businesses as well as those identified as top performers. In my case, it helps me spot trends in the ways machining equipment and strategies are being applied.


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Approximately 24 percent of the companies in last year’s benchmarking group use
Swiss-type lathes. Will that percentage increase?
We’re continuing the success of last year’s “Top Shops” benchmarking initiative with a new survey for 2012 (click here to learn more about the survey and to participate).
Last year’s inaugural survey provided a nice snapshot of shopfloor practices and performance levels in 2010. Moving forward, though, I’ll now be able to better track how the business of machining is evolving by following trends identified over multiple surveys. This will reinforce (or possibly challenge) what I learn while visiting with shops and equipment manufacturers.

This piece highlights a few areas I’m interested in following based on replies from last year’s survey.