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Milling deep grooves generates tons of chips that are sometimes hard to clear. This internal coolant device provides an innovative solution to this challenge.


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Chip evacuation during groove milling operations can be a challenge. Cuts are often narrow, deep and sometimes hard to address with standard nozzle-type coolant systems. Sandvik Coromant addresses this dilemma with the CoroMill QD internal coolant solution. Not only does this tool effectively clear the groove as it’s being milled, it also provides an improved surface finish and more-predictable tool life.

Correct clamping force and repeatable insert positioning is assured by the device’s quick-release key. Inserts can be changed within the machine, and the tilted insert seat features a rail both for stability and security. In addition, driving collars provide extra stability when using large-diameter cutters. This video shows the CoroMill QD in action, comparing the results with a groove cut via standard dry milling.  


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