It’s Not All about Machining

This application story describes how a precision machine shop realized substantial energy cost savings by adopting “intelligent” LED lighting fixtures.


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The shop reports that the new lighting system’s color rendering index (CRI) LEDs sharpen colors,
keep aisles and machinery well-lit and ensure light levels are higher around operating surfaces where machinists work.
Readers turn to Modern Machine Shop primarily for in-depth coverage of machining applications and equipment, but we recognize that not all technology on the shop floor is directly involved in cutting metal. That’s why, from time to time, we think it’s appropriate to offer material that might not directly involve chip-making, but speaks to the concerns of our readers nonetheless.

One example is a case study we recently posted on our website about Creed Monarch, a contract manufacturer in New Britain, Connecticut. With capabilities ranging from CNC milling and turning to multi-spindle machining, various forms of grinding, gear hobbing and more, the shop could likely be covered from a number of different technology angles. In this case, however, the story involves swapping high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting for “intelligent” LEDs from Digital Lumens that can be controlled at the level of the individual fixture. The end result has been substantial energy cost savings, among other benefits. Click here to learn more.