Separating Fact from Fiction—Are You Up to the Challenge?

Would you consider using aluminum tools for heavy-duty machining?


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Would you consider using aluminum tools for heavy-duty machining? Not suitable, you say? If that’s the case, you might have bought into a common misconception, according BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling. In fact, the company says that with a properly designed modular connection—such as that included in the Kaiser CKN system—assemblies consisting of both aluminum and steel components offer similar cutting performance to all-steel tools.

That’s just one of a host of widespread falsehoods the company is attempting to dispel at booth with its “Truth or Misconception Challenge.” At computer kiosks, visitors are prompted to categorize three statements as “truths” or “misconceptions.” Those who correctly identify two out of three will win prizes ranging from T-shirts and coffee mugs to HD Flip cameras and other related items. Winners will also be entered into a name drawing for a chance to win one of the two iPads being given away.

Questions asked during the challenge are geared toward booth visitors’ areas of expertise. Those coming to look at tool presetters, for example, answer questions related to that. After each answer, a short video clip, graph or text explains the company’s view on the subject and why it views the given statement as a “truth” or “misconception.”