Spending Race Day with Doosan and JGR

If a machining equipment supplier invites you to a NASCAR event, I suggest jumping on the opportunity.


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A number of machining equipment suppliers sponsor NASCAR race teams. These relationships are a good deal for all involved. The race teams get to tap the latest machining technologies to accurately create an array of parts for their ever-evolving race cars. In turn, the equipment suppliers are able to bring customers to the race team’s facility to showcase their products in action as well as gain some exposure in front of the motorsport’s estimated 75 million fans.
Last Friday, I got the chance to tour the Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) facility again with Doosan representatives and customers, and then catch the Nationwide Series race at the nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. Doosan has been involved with JGR for 13 years. JGR currently has 20 Doosan machines on its shop floor, including VMCs, HMCs and a turn-mill. The 21st machine—another HMC—is slated to arrive in early December. John Ross, Doosan’s marketing manager, says Doosan appreciates the opportunity to be associated with a proven winner in Joe Gibbs. After all, he’s a Superbowl-winning coach, a three-time NASCAR champion, an effective team builder and a quality person. And I must say that each time I’ve visited JGR, the organization has demonstrated a wealth of class and support to sponsors like Doosan.
In fact, Doosan was the highlighted sponsor for driver Brian Scott’s car in the race last Friday. The car was decked out in Doosan’s signature blue and green colors and accented with a bit of pink in support of breast cancer awareness month. Brian finished a respectable fifth in the evening’s race, while JGR teammate Kyle Busch came in second just behind Carl Edwards. (IMO, Kyle would have won had it not been for a late yellow flag.)
Doosan was the highlighted sponsor on Brian Scott’s car during last Friday’s Nationwide Series race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Prior to finishing a respectable fifth in Friday’s race, Brian signed autographs and chatted with the crowd in Doosan’s hospitality tent.
Come December, JGR will have 21 Doosan machine tools on its tidy shop floor that manufacture a variety of race car components.

So, if you ever get invited to attend one of these events, I suggest going. It’s a laid-back way to learn a bit about machining technologies and enjoy a day at the races.