The Tooling Cloud: Today and Tomorrow

Blue Swarf has developed the “Tooling Cloud,” a digital hub to help shops aggregate tool-related information.


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BlueSwarf provides dashboards that interpret the dynamic characteristics of a shop’s machine tools and tooling. By manipulating “dials” on the dashboard, a programmer can graphically see the most efficient parameters for a particular job run on any given combination of machining center and tooling in the shop.
Over time, BlueSwarf has observed that the shops best able to make use of this information are the ones with the most organized approach to tool management. To help with this, the company has developed the “Tooling Cloud,” a digital hub for aggregating tool-related information. “Like Facebook for cutting tools,” said one company executive.
Today, BlueSwarf can help a shop get all of its information into the cloud. Capturing the dynamic (frequency response) characteristics of a shop’s machines and tooling already requires a visit to the shop, so gathering other tool-related information is a small additional step.

In the future, the Machine Tool Genome Project will be completed. Dynamic characteristics for all widely used machining centers and tooling will be part of single comprehensive database, usable anywhere. At that point, the Tooling Cloud will become the interface for accessing this machine-performance data.