TMX Delivers 8,000-Pound Chuck

Custom 71-inch workholding is going to be used on a welding positioner for cladding large valves for the oil and gas industry.


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Common manufacturing hardware turns into an impressive feat of engineering when the scale is large enough. TMX Workholding Solutions provided this photo of an example. The company recently delivered this 71-inch, 8,000-pound, forged steel chuck for an oil-and-gas industry customer in Louisiana.

Company Vice President Shawn Luschei (pictured) says, “Working closely with the customer, we developed this four-jaw, heavy-duty chuck for use on a large welding positioner. The manufacturer needed a large chuck to hold its blowout prevention valves while it completes its cladding process.”

He adds that this chuck actually will soon be outdone. “We are now in the process of designing a 74-inch version of the same chuck for a slightly larger positioner.”

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