Top Shops Share Their Top Technology

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In this video taken at the 2019 Top Shops Conference, the year’s four Honors Program winners describe how they’ve each benefited from a new addition to their business.


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As part of each annual Top Shops survey, we select and highlight four shops in our top 20% benchmarking group in what we call our Honors Program. Each shop represents excellence in one of the four main survey sections: human resources, machining technology, shopfloor practices and business strategies.

At the recent 2019 Top Shops Conference, representatives from this year’s winning shops took part in a panel discussion in which they described ways they’ve been able to build their businesses and face various industry challenges. Later in the day, we asked them to describe one process, approach or technology they’ve recently implemented and have strongly benefited from. Watch the video below to hear what they had to say.


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    2012 Benchmarking data reveals the machining technologies and techniques world-class shops use to their advantage.

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    Results from our fifth annual Top Shops benchmarking survey reveal operational metrics, strategies and tools common to leading machine shops here in the States.

  • Machining with the Environment in Mind

    It’s safe to assume that most shops recognize the importance of being environmentally responsible. However, benchmarking data suggests that the effort shops put into both recycling and reducing energy consumption varies.

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