On The Horizon

Job shops encounter various projects and serve a wealth of industries. A structured, disciplined approach ensures that Modern Machine Shop presents the technologies and processes such shops need to be as successful and flexible as possible. Here’s a peek at what’s coming in the second half of 2009.


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Our horizontal coverage of applied machining technologies allows us to offer you a breadth of critical information. This approach can help spur ideas to improve processes in ways you otherwise might not have considered. Plus, it affords us the range and versatility to stay on top of current “hot” industries, processes and practices at all times. The evolving, under-the-radar mechanism that guides us to cover all things machining is our yearly Editorial Calendar. Revised annually, this article roadmap ensures that we bring to bear the detailed subject matter that can make your job easier.

So far this year, we’ve covered a number of applications in industries including die/mold, medical and aerospace, among others. We’ve also given a healthy amount of attention to titanium machining, micromachining and multitasking machines used in creative ways (the latter is extensively covered in the July issue). As we transition to the second half of 2009, I thought it’d be helpful to highlight some of the topics we’ll be covering in the coming months. Here’s what you’ll read about:

• Lean Manufacturing—Next month, we’ll describe how lean is effectively integrated into the job shop environment. The needs and challenges of job shops differ from manufacturers that repeatedly produce the same parts, so lean must be applied in alternate ways.

• Oil Field Machining—The oil industry remains strong. September’s issue will profile shops applying machining technologies that allow them to excel in that core energy market.

• Machining Centers—Milling equipment is the heart of nearly every shop. The October issue will detail different strategies for effectively machining titanium, which is being used in an increasing number of applications these days.

• Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing—All manufacturers strive to bring their new products to market as fast as possible. Our November issue will describe how machine shops play a major role in such efforts.

• Turning and Grinding—We’ll round out 2009 profiling shops that are succeeding by applying two other process staples—CNC turning centers and grinding machines. The capabilities of these machines have advanced tremendously over the years.

You’re in the business of adding value and we are, too. That’s why many of the stories we’ll create this year and beyond will be supported by accompanying video, which will be added to our growing online library. It’s our hope that by presenting such vital information in print and online, we’ll help you make sound, speedy decisions as you progress through your new equipment purchasing cycles.