Volume I, Issue 3

Inspiration From Education Maybe your shop’s or plant’s Web strategy aspires to a complex combination of goals. Maybe you’re thinking it should, anyway.

Inspiration From Education

Maybe your shop’s or plant’s Web strategy aspires to a complex combination of goals. Maybe you’re thinking it should, anyway. It might offer a way to communicate better with prospective customers, to improve internal process efficiencies on the shop floor, to respond more efficiently to Requests For Quote, to market your services, or just to keep up. Well, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then maybe the following university-based Web sites will be worth that many. They represent examples of Web communications and service applications that might give you inspiration as you expand your Web strategy.

  • Machine Tool Agile Manufacturing Research Institute (MTAMRI)—Once at this site (http://mtamri.me.uiuc.edu), select the link to its "Software Testbeds." You’ll find interactive mechanisms for Process Modeling and Simulation, Tapping and Drilling, Fixture Design, Fluid Evaluation, and even a "Virtual Machine Tool Simulation." The rest of the site offers applications that should inspire any metalworking professional.
  • CyberCut—Brought to you by The University of California at Berkeley’s Integrated Manufacturing Lab (IML), CyberCut is a networked manufacturing service for rapid part design and fabrication on the Internet (http://cybercut.berkeley.edu). IML has developed an online system and support that allow you to submit a part’s CAD design online and get your part(s) back pronto. Its current model is limited to a rapid prototyping service using three-axis CNC machining; as an example, it's application could be applied to any number of manufacturing processes.

Don’t hold any limitations you might see against these examples. And don’t think you have to duplicate their sophistication, either. They simply represent what metalworking know-how and some creativity can do for anyone’s Web endeavors—including your shop's. —AJS

IMTS Coverage—On Steroids

IMTS 2000 is 6 months away. To those of you that have never attended an International Manufacturing & Technology Show in Chicago, that may seem like a long time. But for anyone that's been to an IMTS, well... you know it's about time to get crackin' on your company's schedule, strategy and agenda. There is simply no better place to get up-to-date, accurate IMTS 2000 info than the IMTS 2000 e-Planner from Modern Machine Shop.

The companies, the conferences, what Chicago's up to, transportation and travel—it's all there. And the IMTS 2000 e-Planner will soon house the most complete online Agenda Planner, Products Showcase ("On Display"), and IMTS coverage available anywhere.

Whether you know it or not, it's time to get ready for IMTS 2000. —AJS

March Job Shop Site Of The Month

Batesville Products is a shop that specializes in permanent mold castings, CNC machining and finishing. Its Web site (http://www.batesvilleproducts.com) offers a professional design and a wealth of data about their processes, including machining, engineering and finishing services. And Batesville does a fine job with the presentation and marketing of its product line (Precision Camera & Instrument Mounts). —AJS

Want your shop considered for Job Shop Site of the Month? Send your site's URL to otw@mmsonline.com with OTW Site Of The Month in the subject line. Please—job shops only.

March Madness

In March '00, Modern Machine Shop Emphasizes and Spotlights Measurement & Quality, Five-Axis Machining, and Automatic Machining. Remember to visit MMS Online’s Measurement & Quality Zone. It’s your best bet for finding measurement-related content for machine tool professionals online.

And, for a wealth of information on Five-Axis machining, check out the MMS Online Article Archive (TIP: Submit a keyword search on "five-axis machining" and stand back).

March's Tech Digest examines Automatic Machining with "From Cam To PNC Automatics."

MMS Online Exclusive: Sure, Spring's thaw is just around the corner; but this kind of chatter can happen anytime. So this month, Modern Machine Shop brings you a special presentation to help reduce—or eliminate— chatter from your high spindle speed applications. In conjunction with Pete Zelinski's Find The Right Speed For Chatter-Free Milling, check out this multi-part guide for achieving chatter-free milling: Chatter-Free Milling And Optimized Material Removal Rates. —AJS

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Up Next Month: In April '00, MODERN MACHINE SHOP will feature Die/Mold Machining as its Emphasis, and Electrode Production as the Spotlight topic. MMS' Tech Digest will showcase the latest Workholding technology and products.

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