Watch and Learn

These videos share ideas that might be relevant to the challenges your shop is facing.


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Technology has changed the way I cover an event like the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). It used to be that a notepad was sufficient for all the information I wanted to capture. This year, it’s likely I’ll use a video camera, too.

If you are a repeat attendee to IMTS, perhaps technology has subtly changed your experience of the show as well. Smart phones and similar data devices are now so common that there’s a good chance you’ll have one with you.
With that in mind, here is something that might be useful during your time away: a selection of short videos on topics relevant to CNC machining. Watch any or all of these videos during your downtime in Chicago. Let them suggest other ways to improve your process back home, and perhaps even other technologies to investigate at the show.
Linear Motors. Die maker Die Tech & Engineering uses five-axis, linear motor machining centers. See and learn about these machines.
Five-axis. Chicago Mold Engineering compares different designs of five-axis machine tools.
Milling tool life. Look at wear to learn what your speed and feed rates should be. Surkut Machine Technology demonstrates.
Pocket machining. Learn how Allcraft Mold mills slide pockets in hard steel with relieved end mills.
Remote monitoring. Superior Tooling and Eden Tool use cameras to monitor their unattended machine tools. Watch how they do this.
Lean cell. Mark Albert talks to Richards Industries about the company’s lean production of valve bodies.
Screw machines. How can you make a screw machine process more lean? Chris Koepfer talks to Vanamatic.
Additive manufacturing. Why is additive manufacturing important? Morris Technologies explains.
Assembly tooling. Use additive manufacturing to rapidly create custom devices for an assembly process. See an example.
Workholding. Save setup time with efficient workholding devices.
Micro-inspection. How do you measure tiny parts and tiny mold tooling? Matrix Tooling explains.
MQL. Minimum quantity lubrication can be applied to a standard machine tool. This video demonstrates.
Also, don’t miss the video about Cardinal Manufacturing, the innovative high school program profiled here.