Data - Driven Manufacturing: 5 Steps to Successfully Monetize Your Shop Floor Data

May 16, 2018 |

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The Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Real-Time Continuous Improvement, Cyber-physical systems. The manufacturing world is swirling with buzzwords. CEOs want it, CFOs are demanding it, but everyone responsible for deploying Data-Driven Manufacturing needs a comprehensive roadmap. 
This webinar will discuss MEMEX’s proven 5-step strategy for successfully leveraging Data-Driven Manufacturing to achieve operational excellence, greater efficiency and profitability. 

Primary Topics: 
• Connect: integrating mission critical machines, old and new, with the corporate network 
• Visualize: shop-floor-to-top-floor dashboarding and team sharing of real-time data 
• Analyze & optimize: making business decision based on real-time information from OEE and other productivity metrics 
• Monetize: achieving 20%+ profit improvement based on just 10% OEE increase 

Presenter: John Rattray 
John Rattray is the Senior Sales Manager at MEMEX Inc. With 35 years of experience in the manufacturing, software and automation industry, and nine years at MEMEX, John is one of the pioneers who led the data-driven manufacturing revolution. 
He has helped shape the MERLIN smart manufacturing packaged tool-kit to its current status as a globally recognized, award-winning IIoT communications platform. John has also been intimately involved in championing the MTConnect machine connectivity standard now used by MEMEX to ensure that every machine, old or new, can take advantage of innovations in connectivity, efficiency and profitability.