Improving Quality and Efficiency Through Virtual Machining

June 12

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In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to produce high quality NC code that protects expensive cutting tools and machinery while maximizing material removal rates. There are a variety of tools available in simulation software to produce more efficient programs and better quality parts. Simulation software not only protects your equipment from unexpected collisions, but also offers analytical tools to help avoid things like excessive spindle loads, tool deflection, and chip load. It can even use internal diagnostics to dynamically update feeds and speeds for optimal material removal while maintaining the tool path of the original program. 

Primary Topics: 
• How simulation software helps protect cutting tools, fixtures, and machinery 
• How simulation software helps the user control tool deflection. 
• How to easily reduce “air cutting”. 
• How to leverage interactive optimization tools to dynamically examine cutting conditions 

Presenter: Chris Davala 
Mr. Davala has been with CGTech as a Technical Support Engineer for VERICUT software since 2017. He has more than 22 years of manufacturing experience. His professional career began at World Class Machining working as a machinist in a job shop. Later, he became an Applications Engineer for Okuma America Corporation. In his 4 years at Okuma he was a multi-axis lathe and mill-turn specialist. In Mr. Davala’s role as Technical Support Engineer for CGTech, he designs many general-purpose and customized training courses, supplies technical support to end-user customers, and provides manufacturing consulting services to numerous companies in virtually every industry.